Thursday, March 24, 2011

My extra-ordinary classmate

My extra-ordinary classmate

Hello and Assalamualaikum you all know this is our last post of  our assignment in Technical Communication blog.To honor this special occasion, I would tell you about my most interesting classmate in our class.This story is about how i met my legendary classmate.

He was born on 25 February 1989 at Hospital Universiti Kubang.Kota Bharu, Kelantan.Raised at Kota Bahru until he was standard one when his father has to be transfered to Kuala Lumpur.There he met many type of people that were so different compared to Qlate people.From standard one to standard five he has learnt a lot about Kuala Lumpur's life style.Then he moved to Kuala Terengganu to follow his father again.There,he was qualified to a boarding school.His new life begins there where he must live as an independent student.After five years,he got his SPM result and it is not very encouraging.With a broken heart,he enrolled at University Kuala Lumpur in Melaka and met me.First day i met him as my roomate and i was attracted to him.

After three years i know him,he is a kind person and very handsome.He had always help me when i had some trouble.As for an example,when i had problem in my study i will ask him for help and he gladly teach me without any hesitation.As far as i know,he is very hardworking boy.Why I tell this because i have live with him almost 3 years.He like showing off.I don’t know why but I found it very interesting. 


Hye Everyone..........

    This entry I want to tell all readers about my new motorcycles.This bike is generated from the power of technology and innovation excellence, Yamaha FZ150i is a 150cc motorcycle  with 4-valve liquid-cooled first in Malaysia with a system of 'Fuel Injection'. It produces a very smooth power from the optimum of air and fuel mixture.

    The performance of this bike is awesome.The top speed Fz150 can reach 140-150kmh.This very important when cruising along highway to overtake car or crazy bus driver.Furthermore when speeding above 130kmh,I  don't feel sleepy when riding because I must concentrate to the road more.The fuel consumption also impressive me.This motorcycles only use 1 liter petrol per 35kilometers.In other word the motorcycle's tank can be fill  about  RM20 of RON95 petrol.One full tank can bring me about 330km if cruising at speed 120kmh.What a save.

    Besides that,as a motorcyclist,I  also want my motorcycle powerful.With engine capacity 150cc and have 4 valves,this motorcycle can speed 0-100kmh in 30 seconds.This important when riding in town such as Melaka and Kuala Lumpur where a lot of driver that not have civics minded.They don't ever bother motorcyclist who also pay the tax to use the road.Then,Yamaha FZ150i also prevent me from being labeled as a MAT REMPIT.There are some motorcycle  in this country  that have been labeled as  MAT REMPIT 's motorcycles such as 125z,RXZ and  EX5.But remember not  all  of the  motorcyclist  that ride those  are  MAT REMPIT but some of them.

    Furthermore,this bike also suitable for me as I using motorcycles to go everywhere.As I mention above,with fuel injection and liquid cooler for cooling the engine,this bike can be ride no matter where we want to go.The fuel consumption is very save and can cruise at high speed that make this bike is suitable for long distance ride.

       That all I want to story to all of you.For more information visit index.php.At price price RM8400 grab it now and become the true rider.

Technical Specification         
Overall length x width x height 
2,000 x 705 x 1,035 mm
Seat Height
760 mm
Wheel base
1,282 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance
167 mm
Dry weight/ Curb weight
114 kg
Fuel oil capacity
12.0 litres
Clutch type
Wet, multiple-disc
constant mesh 5-speed
Cooling System
Brake front / rear
Single disc brake / Drum Brake

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Top 5 Awesome Things.

1-My beloved super-bike Yamaha FZ150i.

         This is my second bike.Before this I rode Honda Ex5 which had bring us together almost 3 years.With this bike,i ride it to my campus,Alor Gajah, Tampin and many more.Furthermore,with engine capacity at 150cc plus injection for better fuel consumption and have big tank for fill with petrol,I have no problem to travel aroud Malaysia,go to my hometown Kelantan and  meet my Lily at Perlis in a piece of cake.I happy with my new bike now.

                                                   DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME

2-DSLR A-300

 Now this is my second awesome thing in my life.A300 is my first camera that I bought .I love to take photo as my hobby.With money that I save from the MARA loan hehe,I bought it at price RM1800.To see my picture that I have taken using this camera,you all can click this

3-My new laptop Acer Aspire 4738G

     My next top 5 awesome things is this laptop.For your information,this is my third laptop since my was stolen and my second laptop was broken internally that eventually it has no chance to survive.For my third laptop,yes,as you can see the picture above, i was not playing this time.I bought it in order to satisfy my needs to play games,to do assignments,routine daily chores that is surfing the internet and many more.Installed with intel i5 processor,2 gigs ATI graphic card,RAM up to 4 gigs and 500 gigs internal memory, i can use this laptop for hardcore gaming such as Prototype,PES 2011,Call of Duty and so much more.With great specification comes with great satisfaction.Right? Right? True story.....
4-My home sweet home

The living room
The master bedroom 
             Welcome to our home at Taman Jati.With modern and classic design,this house is the best house in Taman Jati.Equipped with leather sofa,Play Station,17' television and one set water filter for drinking water for gave us a true life of living.This house member's consist of 5 adorable men, Qimi,Hamim,Hafiy,Wan and Seraf. 

 This house has 3 room,1 bathroom and 1 toilet.In master bedroom,I share this room with Hamim.He is the laziest among us.All his life in this house,he never touch the broom to clean this house.All he know is to make rubish.Yesterday,he has been scold by Seraf to throw the rubbish inside the dustbin. Because of his laziness,he don't put a new plastic bag at the dustbin.This is a true story.Hafiy's room is the second one.With smaller space compared to master bedroom,this room is suitable only for one person.this room has broadband which I use it to update this blog.Thank's Hafiy.In the back room,Seraf share this room with Wan but he always sleep in the living room with our LON(our cat).This back room was full of darkness and sin This is a true story .This room has one advantage which is the floor is covered with oil.I think there is a oil well below this room.

the garden

The Ikea rack shoe

5-Ilyani's suppliment

This is very important for me.Everytime i fell sick, i would find Ilyani's supplmement very useful.The capsule will gave me power and heal me at once.When i first saw the supplement,i knew that this supplement will change my life forever.Besides healing power, each capsule has a taste of its own "medicine".What i meant is that each capsule has a quote on it and each capsule has different quote.Right...when i read the quote, i will feel motivated and so inspirational,hence, i feel great of myself.Ilyani's supplement is totally awesome.Thanks to Ilyani a.k.a my awesome girlfriend who gave me the supplement.Now, my life is as awesome as Bradd Pitt's life hahaha.....

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because....

SERDANG: Universiti Putra Malaysia students and security personnel traded blows at the campus grounds about 3.45pm on Wednesday.

The altercation came about after the Pro-Mahasiswa group continued to insist that the university's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) Prof Dr Fauzi Ramlan apologise to them for disqualifying 10 of the 11 Pro-Mahasiswa candidates, who had won in the UPM campus elections.

A glass door at the main administrative building was smashed in the incident.

About 20 minutes later, a scuffle broke out between a group of Pro-Mahasiswa students and their Pro-Aspirasi counterparts.From The Star Online.

The article above is a part of article in The Star shows that election nowdays in Universities are important in student life.They fight for their right to make sure their beloved leader can won in the election.

There are several important things why student must vote during student election
1-Can choose great leader to lead student in Universities
2-The leader is place where student can complaint their not satisfied with the university management.
3-Great leader can make student more happier with the life in their university.
4-Vote in university can teach student how election scenario in choosing the goverment.

So it is important student to vote during the student election because it can change your life in University.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Answer To Life's Little Mysteries...

Hello is fun to blog? Did you all read our blog? I honestly have to say that only some of you guys read it...right?
Well...this time i just wanted to blog about facts...knowing lots of facts is fun you know...hehe...the word fact can refer to verified information about past or present circumstances or event which are represented as objective reality and lots of mysteries in our life is also a fact.Here some facts that i want to share with you, read it and enjoy!

Why Do we Sometimes Cry When we laugh? 

Weeping with laughter,sobbing in sorrow : Our bodies react similarly when emotions run high.A few scientist have explored the physical pathways of emotional tears,but none have categorically stated why these tears exist.Tom Lutz,author of crying: The Natural and Cultural History of Tears,notes Darwin published snapshot of laughing and crying people to demonstrate that the same expression accompanies both behaviors."Some tears are squeezed out of the ducts simply because the face is scrunched up,"explain Lutz."But tears also accompany the the body's return to homeostasis after extreme excitation.So, after a big laughing jag,tears are a sign that the body is returning to normal.

     What tears are made of,however may offer further clues about why we cry.Unlike tears that well up when you chop onions,emotional tears are unusually rich in protein-based hormones that spike when you're stressed.This fact led one US biochemist to theorize that releasing tears-and thus the hormones in them-may be the body's attempt to reduce stress.Regardless of its caused-be it pleasure or pain-people do tend to feel better after a good cry.

What are the odds of a twin having twin children?

The odds of a twin having twins depends on whether the twins is identical (from a single fertilised by different sperm)."Identical twins do not appear to have an increased chance of giving birth to twins", says Montreal Children's Hospital geneticist Dr. Laura Russell.

     "Female fraternal twins,however, have a one in 58 chance of giving birth to fraternal twins,"says Russell,"lending credence to the importance of genetic factors in fraternal twinning.These figures are the same as those for the sisters of offspring of female fraternal twins. 
 " Male fraternal twins also have an increased chance-one in 116-of having fraternal twins."Many factors can affect twinning including the mother's age,use of fertility drugs and even her height and weight.The rate of birthing identical twins appears to be the same worldwide, occurring in one out of every 250 pregnancies.The rate of fraternal twins births,however,varies by geography:"six in 1000 pregnancies for Europeans and North American Caucasians,one in 100 for American Blacks and four in 100 for Nigerian blacks,"says Russells.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 Bad Things That
Are Good For You.  

Assalamualaikum! Hello again guys...did you know that bad things are also good for you in some ways.Unless you didn't know the good part you never keep doing it right?  So, here some of the bad things that are good for carefully and practice yaa!

1Listening to Loud music

If you despair over the thumping soundtrack blasting from your teens room,you may be surprised to hear it could be doing him some good.
      There's a scientific proof that the greater the music's intensity the more pleasure it brings,according to research from the University of Mancester.It's all down to the vestibular system,which is responsible for balance but also carries vibration;when sound waves set it off, it sends a positive message to the brain.Study author Neil Todd belief it's a hangover from a primitive acoustic sense connected to basic drives such as hunger and sex.But if the result is hearing loss,surely it's not worth it?
     Todd found that while sounds carried across a room had to be louder than 90 decibels (equivalent to a motorbike or lawnmower) to produce the vestibular response,sound carried through mass-such as the floor or leaning against a speaker-need only 30 decibels to achieve the same sensation.  

  But watch out! 

In reality,clubs and rock gigs 
can reach over 100 decibels.
The longer you listen to loud 
music,the more damage you
do. It's considered safe to listen 
to 85 decibels for 8 hours,but
if this increases to 88 decibels,
you should halve the length of the time.

2Texting,not Talking 

In the philippines alone,about 400 million text messages are sent in a day,which you may see as another nail in the coffin of human interaction.
     But survey by YouGov,an international internet-based market research firm,found that 43 % of respondent felt mobile phones improved family communications.
     A study by Professor Helen Haste of the Nestle Social research Programme in London confirmed that for young adults,texting was crucial in their interaction with parents.
     Experts suggest it's the discreet nature of texting that makes it so appealing to young people,allowing them to keep in touch while maintaining their own space.Phone calls may be more immediate,but texting means explosive emotions can be edited out and the mis-interpretation of tones often leads youngsters to avoid phone calls. 

 But watch out!

A virgin Mobile survey suggest millions suffer
text-related injuries each year.Doctors advise 
against spending more than 5-10 minutes texting,
to avoid repetatives strain injury.Spread the load 
by varying the fingers you use. 

3Computer Games 

They  isolates children socially and distract them from learning,right?
Think again.Researchers have found that kids who clock up regular console time can improve their
hand-eye coordination,their grip on science,even their IQ. 

     A 2002 study of 700 children found that simulation and adventure games such as SIM CITY and ROLLER COASTER TYCOON developed children's strategics thinking an planning skills.Computer games are also a great way to explain the basics of physics.( A weapon thrown in a game,for example has to follow a certain trajectory,illustrating the laws of gravity).

 But Watch out!

Some games can creates stress-like symptoms,with younger
children more affected because they are less able to distinguish
between fact and fiction. 

4Sugary Soft Drinks 

Surely it's great that soft drinks come in diet form? The same drinks with virtually no calories. But a 2005 study from University of Texas found that in a group of 622 participants studied over eight years,those who regularly drank diet soft drinks were far more likely to become obese or overweight than those drinking the same amount of non-diet drink.

     Although artificial sweeteners may taste the same as sugars,"your body may not be fooled that it's received the same calories-so it craves more" , say Jacqui Lowdon, a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association.

 But watch out!

To lose weight,you must cut 
down on calories."have one 
sugar a week and enjoy it",
rather than a lot of diet
 drink that don't satisfy you,"
advises Lowdown. 

5Being a working mom

Do you sometimes worry that the stress of caring for a family while holding down a job will drive you into the mad house or an early grave?
     In fact, a 2005 study found that women who combine a career with marriage and motherhood are less likely  to have poor health than those who have no children and stay at home.A study in UK following British men and women born in 1946 throughout their lives,also found that 38% of long term homemakers were obese by their fifties,compared with just 23% who had been working mothers. 

        But watch out!

 Sadly the same benefits don't come from going
 it alone.Lone working mothers were less healthy
 than ones with partners or childless woman( through
 still healthier than mums who didn't work). 
         BAD STRESS

Hello and Assalamualaikum peeps.Its common to feel frenzied with a busy schedule,but its possible to enjoy life and thrive with a hectic lifestyle-if its loaded with good stress,the kind thats energizing and motivating.How do you tell good stress from bad??


  • Facing something with enough excitement to override any fears.
  • Having a filled-to-the-brim schedule that still contains several activities that you look forward to and enjoy doing.
  • Having more commitments that you care about-marriage,mother-hood,valued employee and community volunteer.
  • Working towards a valued goal and knowing that life will slow down once you achieve it.
  • Feeling challenged and alert-primed to tackle the task at hand.  
  • Being tired enough to get restful deep sleep.

  • Facing something with a mixture of dread,worry and anxiety.
  • Having an overloaded schedule stuffed with obligations that you don't enjoy and wouldn't fulfill if you had a choice.
  • Feeling that what you do is unimportant,unfulfillable and not worth the effort and time.
  • Feeling out of control and over-whelmed,with no end in sight and no help on the horizon.
  • Wanting to stay in all the time rather than take a stab at getting through the day.
  • Having restless sleep,ulcers,back pain or recurrent illness.